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Manu Rainforest Expeditions

manu rainforest

The Manu National Park is probably the most biologically rich region of the Amazon Rainforest. More than 15,000 plant species grow in Manu, and as much as 250 varieties of trees have been found in a single hectare. Animal biodiversity is equally impressive: some 1,000 bird, 200 mammal, and 100 reptile species find shelter within its borders. Black caimans, woolly monkeys, harpy eagles, Andean cock-of-the-rocks, giant otters, jaguars, pumas and anteaters are some of the most intriguing and beautiful that inhabit the park's habitats. No other destination in Peru or beyond can compare. Nowhere else can you enjoy superbly intact tropical habitats from Andean grasslands and cloud forests down to foothill and lowland forests.

The Manu National Park is located some 300km from the city of Cusco and forms, together with the adjacent area known as the Cultural Zone, the Manu Biosphere Reserve. Although neither tourism nor tourist lodges are allowed in the park itself, visitors can stay in authorized lodges in the Cultural Zone, where several wildlife reserves, lodges and camps are open to the public.

A trip here is a very special experience for anyone interested in rainforests, plus it is a delight for birdwatchers, and there is a very good chance of seeing large mammal fauna. There are still Amazonian tribes living within the reserve - some are still uncontacted - so the park protects indigenous people as well as wildlife and plantlife.

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